TIMM and wpd are prototyping a smart access control system for wind turbines

Since October, TIMM is developing a smart access control system for wind turbines in close collaboration with industry partners. The first prototype of the new system was now installed at a wind farm in Wangelau which is operated by German wind energy pioneer wpd.

“Although this is just a first prototype, it already gives us much more transparency” says Oliver Klausch, Head of Operations at wpd windmanager. “For regular turbine access, our operation control center will now the turbine from remote. And if someone opens the door with a key or breaks into the turbine, we will be notified within seconds.”

Michael Tenten, Managing Director of wpd IT GmbH, adds: “The new system is also supporting IT security. How much help is a good firewall, if someone can access the turbine itself with very little effort and without anyone noticing?”

In addition to those advantages, the smart access control system will be able to do much more in the future. “We are aiming to make the entire access control process keyless and to automate and digitalize it. This will provide much relief to the wind farm operators and their control centers” says Dominik Eisenbeis, Head of Renewable Energy at TIMM. In times of significant cost pressure on the wind industry, the system will provide operators with new options to act more efficient.