New IntelliLock prototype in The Netherlands

Partner OutSmart is testing current prototype in Enercon E-70 wind turbine

We are happy to have successfully installed the first 2nd generation prototype of our IntelliLock system in a wind farm in Zutphen (The Netherlands).

This prototype generation does not only feature the lock, the control unit and the IntelliLock software, but also a pinpad. The software allows to create and distribute personalized access permits. From their Operation Control Center in Emden, OutSmart can now identify the technician, as well as enable and monitor access to the wind turbine in real time. Access details are logged automatically and can be reproduced at a later stage. Keys are not required anymore.

What is typical for Enercon wind turbines is not only the egg-shaped nacelle, which was designed by British architect Norman Foster. Enercon turbines also regularly have green tubular frame doors, which make a retrofit with IntelliLock fairly easy. On demand of the wind farm operator, we installed IntelliLock in a multi-point locking version.

The 2nd prototype generation will be installed in two other wind farms of our project partners. A third and last prototype generation is planned for summer 2020, before we will enter the market in autumn 2020 just in time for the WindEnergy in Hamburg.